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I thought that since I’m now a Christian, I wouldn’t have these problems anymore!


Question:  I know that I am a Christian, but I still feel down sometimes and have to deal with many problems in my family and with friends. I thought that since I’m now a Christian, I wouldn’t have these problems anymore!

Answer:  Believers are no different than unbelievers in that we all have to live in the same world. Becoming a Christian doesn’t exempt you from sadness and sometimes even tragedies. Jesus said that in this world, you will have tribulation! (John 16:33) God does promise to help believers at all times through His Holy Spirit, the part of God that stays with the Christian all of his earthly life. The Bible does tell of the advantages that unbelievers miss because they are so focused on pleasing themselves instead of pleasing God.  Many times in history, God promised the Israelites that He would bless them in every way if they would just obey Him. Do you think that they made the smart choice to follow God’s directions and have many blessings?  Of course not!  They were not any different than we all are today. King Solomon, who was said to be the wisest man who had ever lived, advised his own children to follow God and enjoy life more:

My son, do not forget my law, but let your heart keep my commands. For a long life and peace they will add to you. Remember mercy and truth; wear them around your neck and write them on the tablet of your heart. And you will find favor with God and other people.

Proverbs 3:1-4

Do you realize that God is giving you the same opportunity right now?

obeying God = more peace

disobeying God = less peace

God sent His Son Jesus into our world to teach us how to please God and show us what God is really like. If you aren’t following Jesus’ teachings in some part of your life, ask Him right now. Don’t wait!

Jesus, please help me turn away from the wrong things I think about and do. Help me to be strong when I am tempted. Show me the right choice to make and help me have the courage to do what will make you proud of me. I can’t do this on my own. Come into my life right now and change me!

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