Christians Impacting Change In Our World

The World

CJF Ministries exists to make the Good News of Jesus (Yeshua) the Messiah known to the Jewish people first and then to the nations (Romans 1:16).

Arizona & New Mexico

Volunteers bring school supplies and toys and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Native Americans.


American volunteers take the message of Jesus Christ, along with generators, water, clothing, food, and other survival supplies.


CRU sponsors Bible studies and fellowship events on college campuses.


C2k Ministries Inc., located in Mound Bayou, develops programs to help youth fight intergenerational poverty.


HOPE Ministries distributes clothing, food, and furniture through a thrift store and food pantry. The store raises funds to pay utility bills for those in need.


Memphis Union Mission ministers to the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of men, women and families who are homeless, addicted, and in crisis.


UNTO expresses the kindness of Jesus and relieves suffering through humanitarian aid.

The World

Creation Moments partners with Trans World Radio to bring the Good News of Jesus to the Caribbean, South America, and Asia.


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