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Does the Bible say when Jesus is supposed to come back?


Question:  Are we seeing the signs of the end of the world?  Does the Bible say when Jesus is supposed to come back?

Answer:  The Bible reveals that the earth will not always exist as it does now, and Jesus will come back one day in the future to judge those who remain and begin a new era in our history (Revelation, chapters 19-22).  Luke wrote:

When Jesus was finished speaking, the disciples watched while He was taken up into the sky.  When Jesus disappeared into a cloud, the disciples realized that two men were standing beside them looking up.  These two wore clothes of all white, and they said that Jesus, who was taken up from them into heaven, will return to them in this same way as they saw him leave. (Acts 1:9-11)

The scriptures show us what life will be like in the years right before Jesus returns to the earth, and the forecast for the state of the world during the final days sounds frightening!

And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars.  Don’t be worried because these things must happen right before the end. Nations will threaten other nations.  There will be famines, diseases, and earthquakes in various places… You will be hated by all nations because you are my followers… Because law and order will be impossible to keep, the love of many will grow cold… This truth about the coming kingdom of God will be preached to all the nations, and then the end will come.  Jesus in Matthew 24:6-14

Doesn’t this sound like what we hear on the news today?

For more than 70 years, the Jews have been returning to their homeland of Israel, and they continue to be threatened with annihilation by other nations, events foreshadowing the final years before Jesus returns.  Jesus was once asked how long God would allow daily life, as we know it, on the earth to continue, and He said that only God knows that future date, but an end will definitely come (Matthew 24:36).

The most important thing to think about now is – are you ready for Jesus to return?  Today, tomorrow, or next month?

Have you told Jesus that you accept His death on the cross for your sins? Have you asked Him to lead you through the remainder of your life?  Would he commend you on the life you are living today?  Are you putting Him first and allowing Him to direct you to others who need you?  If you are following Him, you have nothing to fear. Your future is secure!  The time to make sure you’re ready is RIGHT NOW.  Jesus said:  Be ready because I am coming back at a time you will not expect.  Matthew 24:44

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