Does God know everything going on in my life right now?

Question: I don’t know much about the Bible, but I do believe there is a God and that Jesus really existed. Does the Bible say that God watches over mankind as a whole, but that he doesn’t really intervene in our lives individually? Answer:  The Bible explains that God knows everything about you because He […]

I don’t ask God to help with my little problems. Should I?

Question:  I believe in God, but I don’t think of Him as a being who cares about my personal problems. I think He’s working on behalf of the good of all mankind. I don’t expect Him to take the time to tend to small needs I have, so I don’t ask.  Do I have the […]

Why do we only turn to God when we’re in trouble?

Question:  When I’m in trouble, I know to turn to Jesus for help. I’ve done this before, and He answers me immediately!  But when the crisis is over, Jesus seems far away. Why does this happen? Answer:  The problem is not that Jesus has moved; you have. After the storm has passed, leaving you relieved […]

Is it true Jesus won’t accept me if I don’t forgive people?

Question:  Does the Bible really say that Jesus won’t forgive me of my sins if I refuse to forgive other people?  Answer:  The Bible does, indeed, teach that command from Jesus.  Here are some of His teachings that you’re referring to: For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father […]

Is it wrong to be concerned about having enough money for the future?

Question:  Is it wrong to be concerned about having enough money for the future? Didn’t Jesus say that it’s wrong to want a lot of money because it’s evil? Answer:  Jesus emphasized that if we’ll put God first and focus on pleasing Him in all that we do, He will take care of the other […]

Is it right to tell a friend that something he’s doing is wrong?

Question: When I told a friend that he was involved in something that God says is wrong, he told me that the Bible says never to judge others.  This didn’t sound quite right.  Aren’t we supposed to encourage people to do the right thing? Answer:  Your friend was referring to a familiar Bible verse that’s […]

God, please rescue me from this depression!

Question:  Can God help me with my depression? Does the Bible say anything about this? Answer:  The Bible mentions depression in numerous passages, always reassuring us that God can accomplish anything and heals anyone who asks, even unbelievers.  God included in the scriptural records the accounts of people who suffered from depression so that we […]

Times are hard! What could God be thinking?

Question:  Our family has been through illness and a loss of income during the past year.  I’ve gotten a new job that I’m not really trained for.  I don’t understand why our lives are not turning out the way I had hoped they would.  We didn’t expect that any of this would happen.  I’ve prayed […]

Does God punish us for the sins of our parents?

Question:  Does the Bible say that God will punish children because of the sins of their fathers? This doesn’t seem fair. Answer:  Many times, ungodly parents raise ungodly children.  As a result, the offspring suffer from making the same mistakes as their parents did.  Parents set an example, good or bad, for children to follow, […]


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